i just have to exercise

ThisĀ morning – out of nowhere while I’m making his lunch – the kid yells out from his room, “Hey mom – I’m just exercising!” I walk in expecting to get a giggle about what he thinks exercising is — instead I see his toes resting on his bookcase and his hands down on the ground and he’s doing pushups.


So, I screamed some words of astonished encouragement and ran to get the camera. By the time I had the camera ready he was tired and had to stop. I asked him if he’d do it again so that I could take a movie (click the image below to watch the video) and heĀ obliged:

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4 Responses to “i just have to exercise”

  1. That is so cute. He will be ready for his push up badge at karate before we know it. Good job. Plus he should get extra points for difficulty factor for hanging from his toes.

  2. i love this so much! and i realllly l ove that you are blogging again. i miss my daily hellraiser!

  3. thanks mom & tari!

  4. You have a little athlete in training!

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