Boys Weekend

This past weekend when I was busy realizing what I considered at the time  of setting it six months ago – a far-fetched roller derby goal – to play in a WFTDA SC Regionals tournament (!!!), Marc took the boy camping. I got updates all weekend while away in Lincoln, Nebraska. Each text filled me with joy and a bit of sadness that I was missing such an awesome family-weekend.

They had such an amazing time and I really think they needed it. At one point during the weekend, Marc reports that Harrison looked at his dad and said, “This is pretty good… you and me together. You’re a good dad.” Which is a million miles from where the two of them had been a month ago… Marc had been firmly planted in the role of disciplinarian and I the nurturer and fun-maker, giving me the unwanted honor of being the favorite parent. I am ecstatic that we seem to have moved away from the black and white roles now.

Click for some really cute photos from the weekend:

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  1. That’s awesome. Way to go Marc! I’ve been telling Todd he needs to take Tyler on a big adventure like this…maybe he’ll be more motivated now knowing Marc was able to keep Harrison alive.

  2. Love the photos. Harrison looks so grown up. What a great trip for them both.

  3. So gald you are back on line with this site. It has been since February that I last saw H and I really notice the changes. He’s really quite the camper, big boy. Just think, in a few short months he will be in K. Oh so fast time goes. Love Aunty Margaret

  4. That’s awesome — Marc — where did the Geocaching come from? Did you set that up or is that part of the campground? That’s awesome. :)

  5. love!

  6. When the two of them came back from just 2 days of camping the difference in their relationship was astounding! I was blown away! So awesome!

    Hi all! yeah – I’m trying to be much better. :) thanks for reading.

  7. @chow the campground had a GeoCaching rack card that piqued my interest and my gps has the functionality, so we gave it a try.

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