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i just have to exercise

This morning – out of nowhere while I’m making his lunch – the kid yells out from his room, “Hey mom – I’m just exercising!” I walk in expecting to get a giggle about what he thinks exercising is — instead I see his toes resting on his bookcase and his hands down on the ground […]

Boys Weekend

This past weekend when I was busy realizing what I considered at the time  of setting it six months ago – a far-fetched roller derby goal – to play in a WFTDA SC Regionals tournament (!!!), Marc took the boy camping. I got updates all weekend while away in Lincoln, Nebraska. Each text filled me with joy […]

beyond his years

Harrison was playing in his bedroom while we made dinner, when all of a sudden we heard a toy that he had when he was littler. One of the few toys he had that made noise. It’s a weird tool box like thing that when you click it is said: “That’s great buddy.” and other […]