this is the house that jack built

Harrison likes to read while he poops. Yep – poop-talk – good morning to you too!

And more than a single book – he likes a good sized stack of books next to him resting on a stool.

This morning he spent a good 5 minutes “reading” aloud the “This is the House that Jack Built” book. Which is surprising – it’s a new book from his Grammy and he’s only had it about a week. And the first time I read it to him he really didn’t like it. He has never before told us that he just didn’t like a book… apparently this one has grown on him.

He went from page to page remembering a lot and struggling with some of the  rhymes. He was very serious about it and it was so darn cute… the very last sequence went something like this – in a sweet and careful voice:

“This is the… gardener… that… and the lady that married the man that… this is the cow… with the… crooked horn that tossed the dog that… worried the cat that ate the rat that ate… the malt… the… house that Jack Built!”

Immediately after the book was completed a shout shot through the kitchen where Marc and I were making lunch and cleaning up breakfast, “DAD! I can read. Did you hear it?”

Listening: Jason Collett

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  1. Ha! So clever. Good job, h

  2. So great.

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