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this is the house that jack built

Harrison likes to read while he poops. Yep – poop-talk – good morning to you too! And more than a single book – he likes a good sized stack of books next to him resting on a stool. This morning he spent a good 5 minutes “reading” aloud the “This is the House that Jack […]


Things aren’t always insane around here in four-year-old-land. Sometimes we have fun too. Listening: Sea Pony

he’s – uh – spirited. yeah, that’s it.

Our office is situated right near the side door that¬†adjoins¬†the carport area. And when I’m working I can hear the car pull up. Typically the sound of the car is followed by the joyful wrapping on the glass door with a “MOMMY – I’m HOME!” But, other nights the gentle hum of the car is […]