what a love

I find it easier and funnier to write about this whole parenting experience when Harrison is acting like a lunatic. I think it’s a desire to vent and to record that kind of insane behavior so that I can torment him with it later. But, also when he’s acting like a perfect angel, I really really really don’t want to jinx it. Having said that, let’s tempt fate…

For the past month and a half our child has been the picture of sweetness. Using his manners – his please and thank you’s, asking to be excused from the table, apologizing without prompting for accidentally hitting you with a stray paper airplane. He will start to throw a fit but, with a simple reminder to take a breath and use your words he’s right back in sane-ville. When he wakes in the morning he calls for me. As I walk in the door, he asks into the darkness – “who is that?” When I reply, “It’s me buddy.” His body wiggles uncontrollably in bed and he says “yay yay yay it’s my mommy! mommy I love you! I love you!” And all day long he attacks me with hugs and kisses, squeezing so tightly that it starts to hurt – to which he replies – I am just trying to show you HOW MUCH I love you! Then there’s the drive-by hug accompanied with a “You are the best mom in the whole world.” ALL DAY. No joke.

…Now, with that – let the reign of terror begin again.

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  1. So glad to hear from you again. This is such a nice way to keep up given our distance. Hello to all. Aunty Margaret

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