three is the new terrible-two

THIS POST WAS WRITTEN A LONG TIME AGO and I never posted it… and it was truthful then… but, time flies and things change. The kid has actually passed through the demonic phase and scooted right into the mama’s-boy phase – which for Marc, may very well be more annoying.

The kid turned 3 1/4 and became a holy terror – OK not maybe not a holy terror, but, an every-three-weeks-for-a-few-days-complete-pain-in-our-asses. We’re pretty sure that it is in relation to his normal brain/body development, or maybe it was because I was cavorting with the devil right around the time he was conceived. Either way, we are stuck with him for better or for worse I suppose.

But, the mood swings? Are you serious with that, dude? I’m pretty sure that the toy that you dropped on to the floor of the car is NOT “lost forever and ever — waaaa waaaaa waaaaa — I’ll never get it again!”… and the fact that I poured the honey into your yogurt in the kitchen and not right in front of you at the table, does NOT make it inedible… and I’m pretty sure that you should be saving the “I HATE YOU, YOU STUPID!” comments for when your dad and I embarrass you in front of your first girlfriend, rather than wasting all of them because I want you to put socks on.

But, then he will, completely out of the blue, look at one of us deep into our eyes, grab our hand and say, I love you more than anything. And all of the terrible is washed away.

Listening: Summer Camp

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