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father’s day

With Father’s Day around the corner, I thought I’d take this chance to honor my dad. What a man my dad is. An old-school boot-straps man. A no-nonsense, no-silliness kind of man who raised two of the silliest daughters on earth. Two of the shriekingest little girls you could ever imagine. A man who must […]

of sisters and brothers

Harrison told me yesterday that he wanted a little sister… and another sister too. If his dream were to come true that would mean that I would be insane blessed enough to get pregnant TWO more times or be burdened blessed with twins. Let’s hope he doesn’t have any crazy magical psychic powers. And while […]

harrison tells a story at the dinner table

“Excuse me. I’d like to talk… Superheroes are good. Bad guys are not good.” Me: “Yes… And what else.” “One day Gregor* was walking down the street and a bad robot …(pause for dramatic effect)… A good guy came and fought the bad guy with his hands. And then he poured yogurt on him …(huge […]