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gone fishin’

The loft is being shown right now and our renter has a tiny, cute, but, oh-so-vicious guard-dog named Pinchi. He is a Dachshund that likes to make a lot of noise when people come in so, in an effort to make the place more appealing we take Pinchi for a walk when people are touring. […]


We played the Hustlers – an amazing, super tough team. And we lead into the half! We ended up loosing by 20 points, but, we played better than ever. It was awesome. Here are a couple of the first of the photos: Listening: Those Darlins

saves the day

Harrison, as Superman, while playing in the fun-room, saves one of his dinosaurs from peril. Me, as the dinosaur, thanks Superman. With hands on hips and his serious face Harrison replies, “I’m just here to help.” Listening: Those Darlins


Tonight there will be presents, a racecar balloon, party hats and Aunt Kylies waiting for you after school. And a banana split with chocolate sauce, whipped cream and a cherry no matter how much dinner you eat. Happy Birthday little dude. Listening: The History of Apple Pie

whaw whaw whawwww

I gave the kid a haircut a couple weeks ago. It started to get hot out and his hair was too thick on top. I thought, “I’ll just thin it out and shorten his bangs – to keep it out of his eyes.” It was early evening – he was starting to get tired/irritable/spazzy but, I disregarded that […]

still obsessed

We are beginning month 4 of the Superman Shirt Obsession. I wasn’t worried at first, and I suppose I’m still not worried per se – I mean, he’ll start wanting to wear normal clothes at some point – right? Because I’m pretty sure that when he goes to college in 15 years the hipsters will […]

mother, may i

Harrison: “May I please brush my teeth?” Me: “Yes, what a polite way of asking! Of course you can!” Harrison: “I’m going to do it slowly because when you do it fastly you poke my gums.” — While this sounds like the picture of mature-communication – the truth is these exchanges are more often than […]