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while watching the royal wedding

Harrison: “I’m going to marry a princess. I’m going to marry Princess Fiona… I’m going to marry Princess Fiona and you mommy.” Me: “Me? How nice.” Harrison: “You AND Princess Fiona.” … Harrison: “Which one is the bad guy?” Me: “There are no bad guys. It’s a beautiful royal wedding. It’s a happy day.” … disappointed silence […]


Harrison has started singing a lot these days – little ditties that he has written, many of which I have no clue as to their inspiration, like this for example: “I never wanna go ta Jaaaaay-aaaall. I never wanna go ta Jaaaaay-aaaall. I never wanna go ta Jaaaaay-aaaall. I never wanna go ta Jaaaaay-aaaall. I […]

adding new categories

Harrison: “Mom, see that water coming out of my eyes?” Me: “Tears? What are they from?” (There were no real tears – he had just been laying down and his eyes were watering a little bit) Harrison: “It’s ’cause I missed you. A new category has been added to this blog – this post now […]


I picked up H from school after a rough day (he didn’t sleep well the night before and he was exhausted. He just wanted to “eat dinner and watch Shrek” – which frankly sounded fantastic, however, early that day I had banned TV for the entire day (I have no idea what I was thinking – […]

the facts

Harrison: “I’m not too big. I’m not too small. I’m perfectly sized.” Listening: Ben Kweller

outta nowhere

Harrison: “Mom, I love you more than posipcals.” So, first – he is trying to say popsicles – it’s the one word that trips him up that we can’t bring ourselves to correct, because it’s too darn cute. Yes, we are aware of what horrible parenting that is. Second – seriously that statement was out […]

we got out of the house!

For a while now, work has been piling on – WHICH IS FANTASTIC – however, add that to a 4-5 days of derby practice (at 2+ hours each) and there isn’t a lot of time for Marc and me to remember life outside of our responsibilities. But, a week or so ago we had dinner at […]

April: now and then

A week ago: A year ago: 2 years ago: Listening: Junip


More about that awesomeness here. Listeing: Warpaint

don’t they do anything other than roller derby anymore?

Yes, we also work. A lot. Here are a couple photos from our bout on Sunday and see all of them here. I’m not a big hitter and I’m not a jammer anymore so, there aren’t that many photos of me, but, I’m still playing which given the state of my knee is pretty much […]