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more derby

We had our first official bout last night. The Hell Marys vs. The Honkey Tonk Heartbreakers. We lost. It was sad. At least I still look cute in that skirt. And we got our uniform shirts! The tie is printed on the shirt = awesome. Me warming up with some of my girls. Me setting […]

it only took 6 days…

…for the kid to realize that his new, big-kid bed now affords him the luxury of getting up all by himself. The morning started as it always does – with a our alarm clock going off right on time, “MAAAAAAAWMMMMMEEEEEEEE. COME GET ME!!!!” through the monitor. Then silence… then a tiny thud… some rustling and […]

thank you Nicole.

Thank you Nicole – that does help!!! That is exactly the problem – misguided/misunderstood expectations, changed plans, really anything unexpected will, as I mentioned yesterday, freak the little dude out. It is super helpful to know that others are dealing/have dealt with the same issues. Also – Ginger (the woman that runs H’s school, and has done […]

2011 bout 1 – the round robin

Despite playing injured and us loosing all three of our games derby is still fun. I jammed a lot, which proved to be difficult when your knee is swollen so much that it is difficult to bend and that fluid is causing the muscles surrounding the knee (oh just little unimportant muscles like your quad) […]

don’t let these new photos fool you

Harrison is only a few short months away from turning three and for the bulk of his twos he has been remarkably un-terrible. But, believe-you-me, he is making up for lost time – between finally getting his last two molars and being sick this kid has been an absolute pain in the arse for the past couple weeks. He […]


…is having to work late and hearing the squeals and screams of an ecstatic child playing with his Grammy downstairs. Marc’s parents have been with us for a week or so and we’ve been too busy to entertain them at all. However, with my first-ever derby bout and a travel game to Colorado last weekend and […]