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Marc and Harrison entered school this morning and while they walked into the coat room they were greeted with a “Hello Harrison” by Josh, one of his teachers. The second the word “Harrison” left Josh’s lips the sound of a miniature stampede filled the quiet school house. It stopped at the coat room door where Bella, […]


No school Friday – because this is what we woke up to!!! The day made me remember just how much I absolutely detest the cold. Listening: Beach Fossils


He. Won’t. Take. That. Shirt. Off. Period. Listening: Kanye West

new obsession: Superman

I bought him that shirt on Saturday. We’ve washed it three times. He’s worn it every day. And to bed twice. H: “Dad-dee. We have to go to the store.” Marc: “Why buddy?” H: “We have to get YOU a Superman shirt.” Listening: Jenny & Johnny