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christmas is a time for giving

…and receiving. And boy did we ever receive! Marc, Harrison and I were lucky enough to receive plane tickets to fly back for Christmas courtesy of two very special grandparents and aunty. It was beyond generous and we are extremely grateful. Because without that we would have had to decorate our own house, cook for […]


…means getting a video game about your sport. Texas is included with 6 skaters two of whom still skate with the league now – Lucille Brawl and Bloody Mary. Pretty darn exciting. Listening: Wild Nothing

it’s been since just before thanksgiving

So, it’s about time for Marc and I to release our collective breaths. Just before Thanksgiving Harrison announced that he would no longer be wearing diapers – that he would only be wearing underpants – period. Which is great in theory, but, we were pretty¬†apprehensive. Even that night he refused diapers in favor of “I […]

uh yeah…

Forgot to update y’all about derby – I got drafted with 4 other amazing women to the Hell Marys. I am thrilled! Listening: Marina and the Diamonds

first day back at school

Me: “Today you get to… GO TO SCHOOL!!!! HOORAY!!!” H: “I don’t want to go to school. I want to stay at MY HOME and play.” It has been three weeks + 2 days since the kid has been in school. Three weeks of being sick (for an entire week with stomach flu, fever, sinus […]