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navigating the complexities of friendship

Today at school: Harrison takes a little swat at Cole a tough little blond kid whom Harrison both fears and looks up to. Cole: “Don’t hit me.” Harrison: “OK… Are we best friends now?” Cole: “No, we’re not.” And while that exchange certainly doesn’t scream friendship let alone love, last week Harrison did finally make […]

I’m a Texas Rollergirl!

I made it!!!!!!!!! More details Monday! That’s all for tonight. Thank you. Listening: The Black Keys (my magical meditation music for the past 9 weeks)

without getting into too many gory details

AN UPDATE: 1. Finances – we have been scrambling to take on and get out as much work as we can as we find ourselves taking on another mortgage (losing a renter and putting your rental property on the market means an immediate loss of income and triple-gain of stress). However, we have faith that […]