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where we’ve been…

We’re selling the loft. For those of you who got to visit us when we lived there you will know how sad this is going to be. But, the time has come – a time of back-taxes and credit card debt. Luckily we are feeling good about our chances to sell what has been our rental property […]

yes, i’m feeling a bit sorry for myself

Among other downer events of the past couple weeks – today’s theme – while H is home from school for a teacher development day – is “Go AWAY” “You CAN’T play with me.” “No, I don’t want ____.” sob sob sob… “I DO want ____.” Listening: to nothing because our media computer broke… among other […]

call CPS!

Oh uncle Jeff… don’t you know whose kid this is!??? In spite of – and let’s be honest here, probably because of – a food causing a severe physical reaction and pain I will continue to eat, experiment and garner attention from it. Haven’t you ever met my dad!??? Uncle Jeff gives the kid a lemon slice in anticipation of […]