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“i’m dressing like daddy”

…if daddy wore a short-sleeved shirt, flip-flops, a wool beanie and forgot his pants. Listening: The Walkmen

trying on a little Texas

What does a girl do with her son when daddy is away at a nerd film festival all weekend? What the hell – let’s go try on cowboy boots. We’ve only lived in ATX for five years – if they find out that our kid and his mom doesn’t own a pair – we might […]


So, four weeks ago I got sick. I finally kicked the last of it Friday. The Universe and I have now come to an agreement that because I was infected with the flu, a cold, what felt and looked like strep throat and PINK EYE all-on-top-of-each-other THAT lasted-for-4-weeks AND HAPPENED right-before-TXRG-tryouts that I will be […]

exciting times

MARC: “Do you even remember how to put this thing on? OK, zip it up dude.” As they bike away to school on the first cool morning in what feels like forever. HARRISON (yelling back to Marc while they ride): “This feels good on my back!” “I’m wearing a sweatshirt! This feels niiiiice!” HARRISON to […]

“2 at a time only please”

Our good friends the Nesbitts had a party for James, who turned three. Harrison helped them celebrate with blow-up light sabers – that other kids were HITTING EACH OTHER WITH! Cars and bikes that you CAN RIDE IN THE STREET! JUICE! And a TRAMPOLINE!!! Harrison was pretty much in heaven. The talented Bonnie Berry took […]

last derby post for a while… promise

Tryouts were last night. And I made it… into a pool of girls, of whom 10 will be cut in about 6 weeks. With any luck I will be drafted and will join the ranks of these amazing women, on one of the 4 pro-derby teams in Austin, TX. When I got H this morning […]


Tryouts are tomorrow. Which means (tryouts) I am spending today (tryouts!) attempting to not (tryouts!!!) think about them (tryouts!!!!!)… unsuccessfully. In all my almost-thirty-five years, I’m pretty darn sure I have never wanted anything this badly. Not even that first My Little Pony. Wish me luck! Listening: The Black Keys UPDATE: I’m serious. Wish. Me. […]

wherein I bitch and moan

Last week I got a cold followed by the flu+fever followed by the most sore throat in the history of the world followed by pink eye followed by a sinus infection. Last week I was supposed to be enjoying Harrison being home all week while his school was closed before the “school year” started. Last week […]

9 years ago…

9 years ago there was the anticipation of forever. Of HOLYCRAPFOREVER!????  Of oh my goodness – I found my oh-so-cheesy-yes-this-is-it SOULMATE-forever so, let’s get married and make it official. 9 years ago I married a guy that I had known for 5 years as an acquaintance and known as a “boyfriend” for far, far less. A guy whom […]