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last scrimmage of the season

I played for two teams for our last scrimmage of the season – the T-Birds and the Hawaiian Punchers. With the help of Sweethurt’s “magic tape” (Kinesio Tape) the knee held up and all was great – THANK YOU Sweethurt – if you happen to read this – I still owe you a drink!!! There […]


About a thousand years ago I hyper-extended my knee in softball while running back to first base to avoid being thrown out by the pitcher. The meniscus cartilage was torn as was the ACL. I got a brace and stayed off it for a bit. Then I went to college where late-nights and a beer-drinking […]

saturday night

Saturday night found us at Bonnie’s house two-year-old-heaven for her husband, Josh’s birthday. Bonnie’s friend Mollie is another oh-so-talented photographer who took some totally covert shots of us enjoying our evening. Thank you Bonnie for the great night and Mollie for the great photos. Listening: The Hold Steady

as the sugar goes to his head

Click below to see a way-too-long video of Harrison eating a “posipcale” as slow as humanely possible and driving my mom insane in the process. NOTE: Grandma is not a total clean-freak AND we are sitting outside so, the urgency with which she tends to Harrison’s drips is, in my opinion, brought on by the […]

finnegain followup

Videos from our outing with Finny are below. Finny explains the dangers of the play-structure: Harrison: “I caught a bug in my hat… that’s silly.” Finny scares Harrison: Pretty cute stuff. Listening: Beulah

a date with mr. beginagain

I have mentioned before Harrison’s ability to adapt to new environments, people, caretakers and the like – in fact the week-and-a-half that it took him to assimilate to pre-school was the longest adjustment period we’ve experienced. So, when we ended our nanny-share and immediately went on vacation to California in July it was no surprise […]

more conversational gems from the little one

Harrison spies his fold-up tunnel and has an idea. H: “Let’s play tunnel… I haven’t played that in a looooong while.” — Walking into the downtown farmers market. H: “Look at that crane Mommy!” Me: “I see it – cool.” H: “It’s moving… I didn’t believe my eyes!” — Harrison riding his rocking horse. H: […]

buzzkill betty

Biking home from pre-school yesterday I was sucking wind trying to ride up our big hill and was loosing ground to Marc and Harrison. When, out of nowhere, H turned back to look at me and yelled, “You can do it mommy!” Which is cute as hell even without the knowledge that he has never […]

so, there you go

Ack! Where did the week go!? Oh yeah – we got back to work full-time because Mr. No-Tears-H-Blase is loving pre-school!!!! Harrison’s teacher/guide informed us that Harrison is a Montessori kid if she’s ever seen one. I’m not entirely sure what that means. We are guessing that it’s his independent, quick-to-adapt nature that makes him […]