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see ya! love ya!

8:10am: No tears. Just an “OK – See ya mommy! Love ya!” as he rode away on his daddy’s bike. *** Now, on to more pressing matters. I need you to go to and vote! Help me here people! This is SERIOUS!!! Listening: Watch Out For Rockets

baby’s first roller coaster

No crying today at pre-school drop-off! Hooray! The kid may just come out of his toddlerhood unscathed! And while we’re celebrating stuff… how about Baby’s First Roller Coaster? Yep – Harrison experienced his first roller coaster while we were in California. And, had my mother (the one who is terrified of most things gravity-defying) not […]

vacation – yes, you really did have one

I have made this photo my desktop background to remind myself that we did indeed have a vacation. It’s easy to forget a thing like that given that I spent a great deal of our three week trip to California shackled to my computer dealing with client “emergencies”. The working-while-on-vacation thing is nothing new. It […]

christmas in july

I thought I’d spend a bit of time this morning getting caught up on vacation photos – when I found Christmas photos from last year. Oopsies! So, rather than a peak into our Bay Area-Tahoe-California-summer-extravaganza, I give you a look back on a chubby 1.5 year-old learning the finer points of present-opening cupcake eating skateboarding […]

monday morning and other 2 year-old words of wisdom

The dreaded Monday morning pre-pre-school goodbye me: “Hey buddy, time to ride to school with daddy.” H: “Okay. Bye Bye mommy.” me: “…!?” * * * On the way to the Lego store pre-storm weather H: “Big, puffy clouds make rain.” H: “Scary clouds make thunder… Rumble. Rumble.” H: “Cinnamon clouds make cinnamon apples.” H: […]

today was bad

Today was more difficult, but, to be expected and I imagine Monday will be downright hellish. But, let’s face it – we’ve been 100% A+ perfect parents up until this point and we need to give him something to hate us for. This is all in God’s modern-America plan… parents selfishly have children to create […]

of big wheels and bee stings

When Auntie Kylies and I went to pick H up from school yesterday, we tentatively waited in the entry looking for him. He turned the corner to look outside and caught eyes with me from across the room. He was confused for a split second… then I could physically feel the relief and joy radiating […]

a heartbreaking work of staggering sadness

I sent my kid off to preschool today to be raised by complete and total strangers. We have been talking about school… about how AWESOME it is… how there will be KIDS there! and GIRLS there! and you’ll get to have a nap with all the other kids… and there will be lunch – with […]

spreading the love

It took a trip halfway across the country to find kids that Harrison could accost without objection. If it isn’t obvious – we’re on vacation and because we are short on cash and other things that make a vacation really fun and indulgent I have allowed myself to not blog for three weeks without guilt. […]