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last day

Harrison and Finny are about 25 months old now and have been together almost every week day since they were 4 months old. And today is the last day. Harrison is graduating to pre-school – a Montessori school within walking/biking distance of our house! I cannot accurately express the joy of not having to commute […]


Harrison met a new girl today. “Lucy. Has brown hair. Went in tunnel witha me.” Apparently Harrison spent some time in the tunnel and on the turtle at the park with Lucy. Stroking her hair and talking in a partially-coherent 2-year old language – according to Chelsea. Chelsea also reported that while H was flirting […]

2 year old conversation

As reported by Chelsea as she observed them sitting in the fun-room together yesterday. Finn: “I miss Daddy” Harrison: “He’s at work.” Finn: “I miss Daddy” Harrison: “He’s at work.” Finn: “I miss Daddy” Harrison: “He’s. At. Work.” Apparently there was a hint of frustration in H’s voice nearing the end of the exchange. This […]

Rossi! Rossi!

There are different things that make me proud of Harrison every day but this has to be my favorite. For some reason or another he has taken a liking to Moto GP racing superstar Valentino Rossi. For the uninitiated, he’s the nine time world champ of the F1 for motorcycles – the fastest of the […]

portraits round 2 : the photos

Bonnie rushed through the editing of our gallery. They turned out good despite the challenging circumstances – South Congress, 7pm, balloons = distracted, tired kid. The ultimate success of the evening is a direct result of Harrison getting his first ice cream cone – an entire adult-sized cone. Which he ate all of. And then […]

almost a 3-footer

We waited. We bragged. We cried. We consoled. At Harrison’s 2-year-old checkup today he was great. He talked up a storm; helped the doc use her tools; and only had one shot, but, was not stoked. At the end of it he got a ginormous bouncy-ball that he is currently napping with, so all is […]


Sinnerfold and Obi Mom Kenobi at Speed Skate practice. Photos by Obi Dad Kenobi. Me: “Mommy has to go to skating practice.” Harrison: “Mommy goes super-fast!” – swings his hands back and forth quickly – “schzoom schzoom schzoom schzoom” “SuperFast!” Listening: Sandwitches

every morning

We hear a rustle. The click of a car and truck, left by one of us at the edge of his bed, being picked up and taken back to the head of his crib. Sometimes singing to George or his other stuffed friends. Sometimes a conversation between him and his toys – telling them where […]

portraits round two

We hired the excellent Bonnie Berry to photograph us once again, to commemorate Harrison’s second year. Here’s a little trip down memory lane to last years shoot: For this one we decided to brave the wild urban landscape and get gawked at down on South Congress. All dressed up with a few dozen balloons trailing […]

“no thank you, i’m sleeping”

While practicing for our camping trip in a tent set up in the fun-room, H had this to say to his father: Listening: The Besnard Lakes