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rad little human

I’m sure you’ve all seen this by now, but, in case not – here is a video of the cutest little person ever caught on film. I want to be her parents and to take credit for creating such a rad little human. Listening: My New Daily Affirmation


…like you’ve NEVER run around naked with a paper bag over your head while pretending to be a robot? Listening: Talkdemonic

origins of “saves the day”

Last week I wrote about H repeating the phrase “saves the day” and I didn’t know where it came from. I reluctantly and falsly assumed it was from TV. But, no – hooray! It was from Harrison’s most favorite new book. Fireman Small. Fireman Small was a birthday gift from Aunty “Booklady” Margaret. My Aunt […]

make finny happy

Last Friday Finny woke up from his nap a little sad – missing mommy and daddy – and while Chelsea was cuddling him Harrison was riding his bike around the fun-room. He started to sing and Chelsea commented that it was a lovely song, to which Harrison replied with a sweet smile, “make Finny happy.” […]


A few weeks ago the lovely Stephanie aka Gadora Wilder aka Scrape Myrtle came over for the evening. She arrived early before adult-dinner-time for a glass of wine and to brave the almost-two-year-old infested waters. Harrison was smitten with her and asked if she’d care to share his grilled cheese with him. And right before […]

saves the day

Last night at dinner H was eating like a champ so Marc decided to kick things up a notch and give him hot-sauce-dipped pineapple and chicken-egg-taco dipped in green salsa. Harrison was doing great with it all, just a little red lip from the heat, but, nothing this son-of-Marc can’t handle. Until it went too […]

the importance of family

A nonchalant emailĀ  from my oh-so-big-city-cousin Meredith a few months ago reporting that they were going to be visiting Austin – that’s the capital of TEXAS, where… wait for it… REPUBLICANS have lived!!! – took us a bit by surprise. Regardless of the surprise we were excited to see them – it had been almost […]

the power of chocolate

So, the kid – prior to his birthday which has re-focused all of his attention on more important things, like PRESENTS! CAKE! and MINE! MINE! MINE! – had been telling us that he needed to pee maybe once or twice a day. We’d rush to the kid-potty and he’d go. Standing up. Then I’d sing […]

birthday extravaganza

The Chowanecs were in town over the weekend and we threw a party for Harrison. A lot of fun was had by all. There were kid-friends. And adult-friends. And adult-friends holding kid-friends. And pretty girls. And cake. And bubbles. And the roll-catch-game with Stephanie. And swinging. And more swinging. And still more. And there was […]


Harrison turned 2 yesterday. We celebrated with a chocolate waffle and strawberries for breakfast which he politely tried but, abandoned in favor of “Cereal. With milk! Do it own!”. He is surprisingly adept at eating the liquid+solid combo. We also opened presents: He got a “TRAAAAAIN!” from Grandma and Grandpa and a mini-skateboard, a can […]