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painting with chelsea

Listening: Deer Tick (yay – saturday!)

update on the girlfriend situation

Chelsea reported that Harrison met a new friend at the park yesterday. When I picked him up from Finny’s house Harrison informed me of her name, but, only after some prompting. Zoe. …and the angels sang. He apparently followed her lead with the enthusiasm of a hungry, lost puppy. Zoe: “Wanna go on the slide?” […]

report from the nanny from this morning

“Harrison’s new girlfriend : ) He does EVERYTHING she does.” Listening: Built To Spill (because they are the greatest band. ever. sorry Radiohead.)

happy derby!

The last scrimmage of the spring season for Wreck-League was Sunday. My parents are in town so, they got to see it. I was really excited for them to see what all their years of supporting my athletic aspirations as a kid had turned into, 20 years later. We won, but, it’s really all about […]

happy easter

From us and the Jendsens who are out visiting from NYC! Listening: The Big Pink

oh where to begin…

… so many updates so little time. I’ll start with a quick one. Harrison has been studying the world around him with a fierce intensity – it’s pretty awesome. He has been getting in touch with his commanding/demanding/yelling-voice lately to which we reply calmly – “we can hear you – just use your words so […]