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sorry for the lack of blogging…

But, we’ve just been way too busy with our new found singing careers to be bothered writing about the kid. Listening: to the memories of bad, bad, bad, inebriated karaoke at The High Ball


So, we have added another movie to our kid’s collection. And he is OBSESSED. That’s him flying. On a broom. Chelsea took this photo today over at Finn’s house and emailed it with this note: He keeps yelling “KIKI! FLIES!” as he runs around with the broom between his legs! Kiki’s Delivery Service is another […]

thanks to Kylies…

We have some new photos! Sorry for the delay MAGGIE! : ) Listening: The Soft Pack

behold… The Hearts Of Darkness

AHHHH! I HAD SUCH A GREAT TIME! And my knee stayed in place (right there in the center of my leg where it’s supposed to – imagine that!). With the help of some magic tape (not the Japanese kind) but, still just as magical. I was part of an amazing team of brand-newbies like me […]


The kid’s imagination is astounding and I am probably more proud of this than any other milestone to date. Smiling was awesome. And yes, I got really excited about walking. But, IMAGINATION! Holy cow has the kid taken the concept and run with it. It began a while ago – last summer even – when […]

first real sentence

“It’s not in there.” At least that’s what I think Chelsea told me. I will have to check. Bad momma – need to dust off that mental scrapbook and start using that sucker for important details like this! It’s been a hectic week here, what with the speeding ticket* I got; the proof of insurance […]