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So, I promised to talk golf, when I brought up H’s latest obsession. So, here it is. Marc’s parents were here last month. Grandpa, the committed golfer, has long grumbled about our lack of cable. He has a weekend routine that he needs to keep, which includes watching sleeping through golf coverage on TV each […]

peeee keeeeee

Overjoyed with the presentation of pizza at dinner time, H attempts to say “thank you”. The phrase “thank you” has been a hurdle to overcome. And he actually JUST started saying it correctly this week. And while I was only very mildly concerned about the fact that he could never say “thank you” (it was […]


First it was football. Then came the drums. Then golf and although the kid still enjoys to whack the little white ball around (photos and stories still to come), that phase was short-lived and mild compared to this. This video was taken on day two of the kid learning to ride a real skateboard. He’s […]


Elizabeth and Dave are here visiting. So, we went out to breakfast and walked around south congress for some window shopping. It is great to see you guys again! Listening: Lightning Dust

my derby name unveiled

Oh yeah – I forgot that I have yet to reveal my skater name… After a wonderful evening with friends … wine, appetizers, wine, yummy dinner, wine … Kris came up with a list of names for me to try on. The top two of the list that weren’t already taken were “Strawberry Shorthate” & […]

1st scrimmage

Had my first scrimmage last Sunday. I’m the big girl next to the hot little thing in black – her name is Spicy – and she’s awesome. I may be mistaken but, I think she has a 6 month old daughter. Uh – yeah. These chicks are A-MAZING! After seeing myself in white I now […]

safety first

Borrowing momma’s derby pads for some safe play in the living room. Listening: The Morning Benders (lovely lovely lovely)

the addition of “y”

From the moment we found out that our kid was growing inside my belly, I have imagined myself as a “Momma”. Which is, in my mind, an entirely different word from “Ma Ma” – the common few syllables first pronounced by babies. I never thought of myself as a “Mommy” – especially as spoken by […]


We have started to let the kid watch a bit of TV (or “TEEEEDEEEEEE!” – rather) now and then. I know – that along with breakfast-cake – means that pretty much all of our parental goals have gone the way of last weeks recycling. We had a great 18-month run, but, it had to end […]