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This post has been a long time coming. Once upon a time – almost three months ago which in toddler-development-time is like three hundred years – I started to write… At H’s 18-month doc appointment three weeks months ago, I knew it was coming – the dreaded question – and was prepared with the canned […]


The kid woke up asking for cake. So, I gave him some. No frosting though – duh! – I’m not a totally delinquent mother! Marc’s parents are here and they bought some cakes and left them in the fridge right in front of the milk. So, every time I fill up the kid’s milk – […]


I was just going to post this old animated gif of the kid (sort of) waving without commenting on it, but, the more I look at the roundness of his face I can’t help but, reflect on how far we’ve come. In just a year we have gone from waiting weeks for any sort of […]

a night out in san francisco a few weeks ago

Beer. Great friends that we so rarely get to see. But, whom after years and years we never loose a beat with – we just start right back up with the stories, the laughs and mutual-admiration. Movie. With Wine/Beer. Back to the Chow’s place to stay the night sans kid while they are away (THANK […]

the new nanny

We found her! She started. And is doing great. But, since I don’t have permission to post all of the details of her life yet. I will leave it at that. Yesterday she organized a shaving-cream-play extravaganza that my kid loved and probably could have done with an hour or so more of. However, Finn […]

christmas with the McKirdy Family +

Happy-Cheesy-Smile-Christmas from the McKirdy/Blase/Keyzer/Kato/Vanderzee/Broadbears! Yet another awesome smile from the kid on Christmas #2. : ) Listening: Vampire Weekend (the new album – BUT, I just can’t stop thinking that this is the new “Your Mom’s Favorite Band” – which makes me not really want to listen anymore)

merry merry!


Just 3 words for you – Kylies. MOVE. TO. AUSTIN. And those aren’t my words, although, it’d be great to have you and Jeff in town so that we could take advantage of all of your childless-time for free babysitting. But, seriously, I look at all of the photos of you and H and really […]

so much to say so little time

We head back to Austin tomorrow. Excited to be getting home. Sad that we didn’t get enough time with friends and family. And scared that Harrison will be forever scarred from being taken 2,000 miles away from his most favorite person in the whole wide world. Listening: Dead Man’s Bones