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new obsessions

While FUBALLLLLL is still firmly implanted in the kid’s brain as a worthy activity, a new one followed as an even longer lasting obsession. Elizabeth and her boyfriend Dave took H to the Children’s Museum where they discovered his apparent talent and love of every parents worst nightmare. Apparently he stayed and played the drums […]

i’m sorry…

…but, I just can’t resist posting this series.

christmas with the Blase Family

Happy-Cheesy-Smile-Christmas from the Blases. : )

last day for a while

Before we left for our California-Holidays Finn and H got one last day together with Elizabeth. As Finn was waking up from his nap H was eager to get back to playing, so, went in to the room to help him. The Harrison-wake-up-plan consisted of a kiss on the nose, a few on the lips […]

guest post : from grandpa (pawbaw)

Last night Desley and I were babysitting H when a near disaster happened. Des was cooking and inadvertently let some oil get too hot in a pan and added water. A flame-up resulted and lasted until Des could turn the gas burner off. Harrison and I were at the other end of the kitchen. After […]

spreading joy

I’m not counting calories this holiday season – although, since I left my skates at home and have no plans to engage in any sweat-inducing activities for the next three weeks, I should be. So, this post from made me feel way better. Also – I just wanted to get that photo of me […]

where have we been

Besides the excruciating task of finding a new nanny, tons of great work for BlaseDesign and packing for our trip to California for the holidays I decided to do roller derby bootcamp last weekend – an entire weekend of skating, training, hitting, and scrimmaging (the first time ever for me and my other primer-friends). It […]

white stuff

It’s snowing! Just a teensy, tiny, little bit. But, still it is snow. And it’s freaking cold! So, Marc made these for us. And they are lovely! Thank you husband and Smitten Kitchen! Listening: Lightning Dust

funny faces, parade and painting

A small photo update: Listening: Beirut

fubah! day two.

There was some yelling about the ball that-shall-not-be-named today. But, nothing like yesterday’s hysterics: Elizabeth was pretty irritated about the redundancy and duration of the yelling and catching and throwing but, finally embraced it and attempted to teach Harrison the finer points of the game including hiking the ball through your legs: and the all-important […]