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fubah! still…

H woke up from his nap about a half hour ago. Seems that it took about that long for him to escape his foggy-sleepiness and remember his new found obsession. FUBAH! FUBAH! Still. Listening: Best Coast


We are now at an hour and a half and counting. This is really weird. And seriously scary. Listening: Pixie Carnation

thanksgiving, oh what have you done to my son?

We had a lovely, lovely turkey day with Finn’s family. Absolutely one of the best t-day meals I have ever had. Thank you to you all for letting us crash. There was football on upstairs and while we were waiting for dinner H and I crawled up to take a peek. We were maybe in […]

learning from elizabeth (2)

Last Friday Auntie Kylies (that’s my sister Kylie’s official family name) came to visit after working in Dallas and Houston all week. We started mentioning to H that KYLIES is coming! KYLIES is coming! the night before. And mentioned it again when Elizabeth arrived Friday morning. She took it upon herself to teach H to […]

patience, a follow-up

We got a video this morning of H showing off his “patience”, as learned from Elizabeth. He was pretty calm when I asked him to be patient, so we aren’t getting the full effect but, it’s still really sweet: Listening: The Sun

learning from elizabeth

Elizabeth taught the boys a lot. But, I thought I’d try to remember and record some of the best stuff. Here’s a good one. Patience. Not only the idea of it, but, she taught them to fold their arms, be quiet and watch. This is most often used at snack time while she is preparing […]


After fourteen months of devoted service, our Elizabeth is leaving us. She is headed back to Dallas and we are incredibly sad to have to let her go. She has helped us raise Harrison and Finn for over a year. We feel incredibly lucky to have had her for as long as we have and […]

heart- and soul-less

The kid is 18-months-old tomorrow. I am flabbergasted. The last six months flew by like Christmas morning for a 10-year-old. While the first year was more like that 8am Biology course I took the first semester of my freshman year at college. Whoever believed I would be able to wake-up at that ungodly hour and […]

chicken-fried-bacon… enough said

A couple Fridays ago it was my birthday. All I ever really want for my birthday is a nice dinner – a good bottle of wine, some kind of well-prepared fish or meat served with a delicious vegetable. This year I got chicken-fried-bacon. And sausage on a stick. And beer. And a paper hat. A […]

cute stuff

In order to counteract the overindulgence of non-baby related subjects of late, I have uploaded a bunch of cute stuff like this: and this: and this: Enjoy! Listening: Ben Kweller