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it’s not all bad around here

I can’t remember if I posted about this, but, the kid now says Ta-Da. Not a huge deal – it’s a pretty easy phrase – two syllables that he’s been saying for a while. But, it’s HOW he says it that makes it so irresistibly cute. First of all it’s much higher pitched than almost […]

and just to make sure…

… we aren’t forgetting the cute stuff – here are some new pics: Listening: Wilco


So, I woke up this morning determined to commit a blogging sin – to go back in and edit what I had written. I was feeling guilty for being so negative about H. I assumed that nobody would have checked the blog that late at night so, I would be safe. Apparently not… thankfully. Nicole, […]


What about mean? Or just plain scary? So, when I mentioned that things were going so well with our angelic 17-month old – that weekends were filled with Marc and me sharing our thoughts on how adorable our son has become – how smart, how sweet – that because of that perfection we were undoubtedly […]

boy O boy

This kid is a BOY. Now, growing up I was a tomboy in that I enjoyed playing football with the boys at recess regardless of the fact that I was wearing a dress, running through the neighborhood with fake guns and playing cards tucked into the spokes of my bike wheels and that I tried […]

reading and hooting and walking in dad’s shoe

Listening: Midnight Masses

nothing at all to do with our baby…

…except for the fact, that if we DON’T rent it out we won’t be able to afford diapers. And while we’re thinking that it’s about time to start potty-training, I don’t want that undertaking to be rushed because of lack of cash. We own a loft in downtown Austin, TX. It’s the space that we […]


So when I wrote this on Monday about how we’ve been having such a great few weeks and how that would inevitably mean that there are dark days on the horizon, I didn’t know how right I was. Turns out Finn has a cold and baby laryngitis. H has a cold and so do I. […]

and allofasudden he’s a real live kid!

Here’s more from our great weekend of doing nothing. Funny faces while at lunch at Enoteca: Riding the frog at the park a few days ago & almost exactly a year ago: Swinging and laughing: And the kid helps us put away stuff after shopping. Watch for the “shhhhhh” after he lays his head on […]

just about a year ago…

and today… There are more photos from this ridiculously cute display here. Listening: Lightning Dust