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Marc kept a yellow Tupperware cup from when he was a kid and will only drink water from THAT cup. It has followed him from Bakersfield to college to Tahoe and all then the way to Austin. He hides it up an a shelf that I can’t reach because if I could, I would wash […]

who needs Six Flags when you have a dad like Marc

We have so many photos and videos from this summer that I never even uploaded, so, I’m going to try to add a few each day. Here’s a good one: It should be noted that Marc had been giving these rides over and over and over (notice the “more, more, more” at beginning and end), […]

it’s not dancing, but, still pretty cute

Listening: The Blacks


uh-oh no yeah I am certain there are more, but, he’s in the middle of getting the last 2 of his first molars and today is a particularly rough day – more crying than conversing I’m afraid. Thank you to Elizabeth for her unending patience… she calmly tells me after he’s gone to sleep that, […]

more “words”

Hoo-Hoo (as in the sound an owl makes) SSSSSSSS (and a snake) Meow (and a cat) Dot (while drawing he learned what a dots are – as in polka dots – and repeated it over and over and over…) Listening: The Crazies


… I heard it. We can take ICE out of the Folder-Of-Lies and place it on the official list of Words-That-Are-Barely-Perceptible-That-My-Son-Has-Uttered. Other items on that list include, but, our not limited to: Ice Bus Truck (but, you knew that one already) Moo Meow Roar Ree-Er-Ree-Er (That’s a fire engine siren for those of you who […]

folder of lies

Just played hookie to see Inglourious Basterds with Marc and Bryan and Lindsay, who have been visiting this week. I have to say, that despite all of the Austin locales and the fact that we attended the premier – I hated Death Proof, so I was extremely pleased to see the new QT movie and […]

friday night dance party

Sorry for the delay Maggie! Here’s a little glimpse into our exciting, city lives…gettin’ all glammed up, imbibing tropical fruit-infused cocktails and dancing ’til dawn. OK, not so much… but, there is a bit of early evening dancing. This video, while on the long side, shows a new milestone for H – he was either […]


“Their work reveals that the all-over lines do not give rise to positive or negative areas: we are not made to feel that one part of the canvas demands to be read as figure, whether abstract or representational, against another part of the canvas read as ground. There is not inside or outside to the […]

…and also – there’s this:

H in the super, awesome, mega fun-room. Just playing… talking, babbling and squawking… he’s pretty cute these days. Listening: Wild Beasts