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a gentlemen’s agreement

Blog-coverage of our gypsy life will be spotty for the next week as we will be in Green Valley/Fresno (for Marc & H)/San Francisco/Austin. But, for now – a quote of the day: “Harrison, because you have no words – your high-five is your bond.” Listening: The Duke Spirit

the other San Francisco Treat

We have all been enjoying, to say the least, the culinary mecca that is San Francisco. And Kylie & Jeff – I promise we will vacuum the carpet before you get back! Listening: Lightning Dust

M.I.A. (the acronym – not the singer)

Living/working without a nanny is, to say the least, a challenge. Mentally, Marc and I are drained. And then you add the physical element of taking turns wrestling with a toddler – we are just pooped. Hence, the lack of attention to the blog. I have many, many drafts about this whirlwind summer saved – […]

out of nowhere

The kid is developing an imagination, which is the most exciting development since he errected himself from the crawling blob-like creature that was Harrison-10-months-ago. I asked him if he would share his milk with his dinosaur and he immediately held the little yellow creature to the straw and made sipping sounds. I’m not exaggerating. It […]

vacation by force

We’re on the second day of a universe-enforced vacation. My computer died. It needs a new motherboard. Not entirely sure what that means – other than $1500 that should not have been covered by Apple because the warranty expired. Which would have meant 3 days without a computer and a $1500 bill!? yikes! However, Marc […]

the unrecorded

So… it has been brought to my attention, by a very wise woman, that a child’s official “first word” does not necessarily have to be enunciated perfectly. That as long as it is close to the actual sounding word, that the child understands the meaning and that he uses it often – it counts. OOPS. […]