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right back attcha, owen

Are you freaking kidding me!? We love you little dude. Listening: Matt & Kim


Wanderlust – a weekend of hippies doing yoga and listening to some pretty decent music. Marc, me and the Chowanecs are neither hippies, nor very into yoga, however, we found our place among the few music nerds who came to hang out mid-mountain at Squaw, drink beer and listen. On Friday we all got babysitters […]

adventures in toddler-cuisine

I need to write more about all the fun stuff we did over the weekend with the Chow’s, but, until then, I’ll go back a month to a momentous occasion. H’s first sandwich! I can’t explain the excitement I felt about this… and why it took me so long to try it out with him. […]

among the thirty-thousand things we did this weekend

was a trip to the Tahoe City fire station. Where an awe-struck little boy with his mouth permanently agape held his breath for 15 minutes while the fire chief showed us his F-I-R-E-T-R-U-C-K! And then let him GET IN! And gave H a fireman’s HAT! The experience made Marc’s -er- Harrison’s day. Listening: Amanda Palmer […]


The kid is doing all sorts of amazing things these days. It takes all the self-control I have to not turn every conversation I have with friends, family and strangers into a report of his accomplishments – astonishing, ground-breaking achievements like this, for example: As always, please try to ignore my achingly annoying voice. Listening: […]

sorry nicole

Nicole, I apologize for the panicked, sleep-deprived post yesterday. My exaggerated, pessimistic-nastiness was uncalled for. H is back to his 11-hour-sleeping-angel-doll-baby self. So, all is well with the world. Please continue to enjoy those little flutters from #2. Love, A

…and on top of everything else

H is getting a new tooth – his third on the bottom. The little, white F$%^er is, we assume, the reason the kid decided to wake up screaming bloody murder at 4am this morning and NOT GO BACK TO SLEEP until 8:15am. Again – for those who just skim these posts in hopes that there […]

how we spent our last two weeks with our poor, sickly child


I found this latest post from a blog I read, incredibly moving, so I thought I’d share: The earth is fine. Nature is patient. The plants are just waiting. It is the monuments we build, the paths we tread that are endangered. Click the link to see eerie photos of an abandoned zoo in Detroit […]

oh yeah, and…

…the day after we got back from Oregon I woke up with a sore throat and now have the kid’s cold. It’s funny how being sick just doesn’t seem to really matter any more. Having burningly dry throat all night, stuffed up nose and the knowledge that it is only going to get worse would […]