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Back when H was brand new Marc and I didn’t really have our heads about us we took some videos of the teeny-tiny and never shared them with you — H’s ever-loving internet pals. Most of the videos we’d actually never even watched either. It’s been a year and our brains have significantly recovered from […]

a shamefully overdue photo update

HERE. And HERE. And HERE too (oops – photos from March that were never uploaded! Back when he only had 2 TEETH!). Photo update includes this little gem of the kid attempting to share my burger: Listening: Giantess


Elizabeth, the nanny, just texted Marc to tell him that she showed Finn a photo of Harrison and he giggled for 30 minutes. I’m sure that’s an exaggeration – like the time she said that he was talking (a flat-out lie) – but, still how cute is that!? Listening: She Keeps Bees (new music Fridays! […]

cute and irritating

I am writing this post after dinner with the grandparents – who have now become the kid’s absolute favorite human beings on the planet. We ate at FiftyFifty (for the third time this week – what? We have trade there!) and the kid was being ridiculously cute – more so than usual. This kid has […]

i have no post today

Because I found this website and have not been able to do anything but, laugh hysterically. Listening: Andrew Bird (because it’s soothing and it helps me forget that I got up at 5:30am) Also – I think he should spend more time writing and less time posing for photos – what IS that!?

truckee, ca

We made it to Truckee and there are more than a few things that I had forgotten about this place – good and bad. 1. It is stunning up here. 2. There is a ridiculous amount of never-ending road-work. 3. The train passes through and stops downtown blowing it’s charming whistle for all to hear. […]

trying to retain our cred and failing miserably

We went to a show on the Monday night before we headed to CA. We rode our bikes. Arrived early for a pre-show Lonestar in an icy-cold backroom with a few old chairs at The Independent. We sat and talked like we hadn’t done in a long time. One beer became two while we listened […]

quick update

We all (Me, Marc, the kid and two cats) made it to California. Marc’s trip, thanks in large part to Chuck, was the shortest duration to date. Me and the kid attempted to fly out on Friday at noon. The flight was delayed due to a dead battery. We had to sit on the plane […]

have beer, will travel

Sadly, Our last meal in Austin for the summer will consist of frozen burritos and the last few drops of chilled wine remaining in the fridge. Luckily, Me and the boy will get a home cooked meal tomorrow night upon arriving at my parents house after a quick and easy flight. Marc will not be […]

yep… still happy

Listening: Passion Pit