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sometimes love is NOT all you need

Finn is not too sure about this kid that he is forced to spend most of his days with. And certainly isn’t a fan of any physical touching initiated by said kid. But, dude – I just want to give you some love! Listening: Passion Pit

spoiled rotten

QUESTION: What do you get when you mix a loud-mouth momma, an industrious grandpa and an electrical engineer uncle? ANSWER: A very happy, spoiled-rotten 1 year old. It was around Christmas when I happened to, offhandedly, mention to Aunt Kylies that what the kid would really like is a board that had all kinds of […]

coming to an end

WARNING DAD – you can just go ahead & skip this one. As soon as I knew I was pregnant – I knew I would attempt breastfeeding, because let’s face it – it is sooo the cool thing to do. However, I didn’t understand it, I wasn’t looking forward to it and frankly, I was […]

cuter than you

I finally found something cuter than you. You, in a box. Listening: Anathallo

coming true

I dreamt of this, even before you were born. And considering that your dad is tone deaf and I do not have the patience to learn guitar, the responsibility falls to you, little one, to bring live music into this house. Listening: Thao (super fun video)

the quarterly report : month 12

Dear Harrison, Where to begin? Well, let’s start with the obvious. You’re ONE! Happy Birthday! You are such a little boy! You love trucks and cars and tools and trains but, also babies and kitties and puppies… you are all boy, but, have a sweetness that is undeniable. You go from crashing your trucks together […]

i’m so sorry

Dear OCMD readers who have stumbled upon this site from Julie’s birthday post, I am so terribly sorry to disappoint you. I know that with a URL including the word hellraiser you were certain you would find posts about obscure experimental psych rock bands. Unfortunately this site is more dirty diapers than Dirty Projectors. We […]

what a week!

This video pretty much sums up the last week we had with family: Thank you to grandparents-McKirdy for the sandbox-making. To Kylie and Jeff for the multiple errand-running. To great-grandpa for making the long trip out. To grandparents-Blase for gutter-cleaning (an unexpected bonus!). And to all of you for the general good-times-having. We sure are […]

undying devotion

Oh internet – we used to be so good together. Our relationship used to be one of equality. Of understanding. I’m sorry that I can’t always be here for you. I understand you have needs, but, so do I. I assure you, I have not taken you for granted, it’s just that there are other […]

so much to say so little time

We are off to ride the Zilker Zephyr! I will write more as soon as I can (I promise – Maggie!), but, suffice to say our baby is jumping head-first into year number 2 – he already has a chipped front tooth. There is nothing namby-pamby about this kid. Listening: Elvis Perkins (still listening… it […]