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fennel risotto, scallops and a side of vicodin

OK… I’m finally going to write about the trip to the E.R. that I eluded to on Tuesday. After having such a bad experience the night before I was determined to pull myself together and let us all have a good evening together. Marc picked H up a little early from Finn’s house so that […]

like mother like son

Marc’s parents just got back from Hawaii and sent us a care package. Books about the ocean and an adorable “fancy” outfit for H and for us: That’s like 100 pounds of macadamia nut Hershey’s Kisses half of which have been consumed in the past 15 hours. Now, we know where Marc got his evil, […]

and with the yin there must be the yang

Just four hours after saying his first word H signed the word Please. It just goes to show that you should never get too caught up in any one moment of your child’s life. Because just when you think that he will grow up to be an anchor on the country’s most negative news organization […]

a major milestone

We were just informed via a text message from the nanny that H said what might be his first word. And while I would like to report that it was Mama, Dada, something ooey-gooey like Love, or even – given his fondness for food – Yummy, alas, the positive affirmations and terms of endearment will […]

because yesterday ended up being worse than the day before

I will post some cute stuff and write about my trip to the E.R. later. “Practice Laying Down” “Evidence that the kid will eat ANYTHING!” Listening: Happy Little Vegemites (this one’s for you mum!)

Aimee and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Evening

Things were just not going my way last night. And I would spare the internet another rant about how waaa waaa bad my day was, except it was pretty incredibly bad in a I’m-feeling-really-sorry-for-myself kind of way and need to share it with the world. Let me start by saying we had a fantastic weekend. […]

marc is evil on so many levels

He just got back from running some errands mainly to pick up ingredients for salted white chocolate oatmeal cookies because the nanny begged asked very nicely for them. But, not only did he bring home all of the fattening ingredients for cookies, but, in case we couldn’t wait until the cookies were made he brought […]

ok mom…

Finally, we got a couple more walking videos! Now, can I please get back to work!? Listening: Discovery

overheard nanny talk

“no touching.” “oh no. there’s poop in there.” Listening: Discovery (Vampire Weekend + RaRaRiot)

rice cakes and macaroni and beans oh my! – epilogue

Forgot about tofu – thanks Aunty Margaret! We did try some tofu. Firm, plain which did not go over well. So we pureed some of it with avocado and cooked chicken which was actually pretty good. Then bought some soft and he did OK, but, I think it was the texture paired with the tatelessness […]