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a big, stinky milestone

I vowed not to discuss the P-word on this blog, but, I have to suspend that ban for 1 post, because… the kid pooped on the potty! A little lime-green training potty. This was obviously an attempt on our part to “keep up with the Chowanec’s” as they start potty-training at 6 months – the […]

crazy talk

I have no idea where it comes from, but, somewhere deep down ingrained in my psyche, the desire to relieve Marc from taking care of the kid kicks in every once in a while. I will be cleaning the kitchen while they are playing in the living room and I will find myself calling to […]

sxsw day 2

The Chows and Chuck arrived on the same flight from San Francisco Wednesday night, and seeing as how they were on CA time they had no problem eating a little, having some beers and chatting for hours. I, on the other hand, had already been asleep for an hour, so said a quick hello and […]

there’s still no place like home…

Despite the warnings, the storm spared Austin, which is remarkably usually the case. I swear central Austin is surrounded by a protective bubble that shields us from tornadoes, “egg-sized hail” and chain restaurants. So, our trip to Munchkin Land will have to wait along with H’s Lollipop Guild audition. Listening: The Decemberists

there’s no place like home…

Our sweet neighbor Bill, a professor here in town who walks around his yard smoking a pipe, just knocked on the door to tell us that he noticed that “the kids” weren’t at our house today and that a big storm was 50 miles away and moving rapidly towards us, so, we might want to […]

sxsw day 1

Better late than never… The first day of SXSW (last Wednesday) was just Marc and me – the rest of our posse didn’t arrive until Wednesday night, giving us a chance to take a day off, together, without the babe – the first… ever? We headed to the Mohawk to see Telekinesis!, Kevin Devine, Here […]


It’s warm in Austin! Chuck & The Chows better be ready for some good ol’ fashioned Texas heat this week… all the better to enjoy the Lonestar with! Here’s our little sunblocked baby, on his way to the park: Listening: Ra Ra Riot (thinking that there’s no way we’ll get to see them this week […]


I just stole some great photos from Heidi, Joe and Gus – from their trip out here: And that’s all you’re going to get today, because it’s 2 days ’til sxsw…you’re lucky I’m even talking to you, internet. Listening: The Airborne Toxic Event (and as many other bands as we can from our sxsw list)


Our little pterodactyl is showing signs of frustration from lack of communication skills. The squeals are getting louder, longer and more definitive. We have got to teach this kid some signs! He is however, saying bye and waving. It is more of a “babababa baa baa baaaa baaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!” kind of thing – and I wouldn’t […]

breakthrough 3 & 4

Just call him Ready-For-BBQ-Blase because he’s getting his top two teeth! Listening: Kutiman (Even for those of you not into music – you must check out his YouTube remix videos here)