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ghetto baby pool

Or just a family that likes to cook? I am proud of the fact that we have more cooking tools than baby toys, especially because cooking implements will last about a thousand times longer and because roasting pans make perfecty good swimming pools when you are unprepeared for 85 degree weather in February. Listening: Here […]

a little bit of good news

The kid’s second pearly-white has made an appearance! This means, however, that teething-part-2 has coincided perfectly with sleep-training-round-3 so, we’ll be heading into sleep-training-round-4 probably later this week when the symptoms die down a bit. This kid just keeps coming up with ways to get out of sleep-training – even if it means entering into […]

i got nothin’

I imagine it’s because it just happened and I have yet to get perspective and find some piece of humor yet, but, I am having a really hard time writing about the fact that half of our son’s face is dotted with scabby, dried blood and his left eye is still swollen. THAT BASTARD CAT […]


Yes, you read right – I said butt-moonwalk. Listening: Matt & Kim

1-year-old birthday party ideas

So, I’ve started researching for H’s birthday party… …and I can say, without a doubt, that the world-wide-web is going to be of absolutely no help. Thanks for nothing – internet! Listening: AC Newman

what a great weekend!

Joe, Heidi and Gus arrived Saturday afternoon and because we already had plans to stay in to make dinner which did not include tequila we bee lined it down to Guero’s for a quick margarita. The only real way to welcome out-of-town guests to Austin is with BBQ or margaritas – there is no choice […]

9 month check-up

The kid went from being a little short & chubby (25th percentile for height & 70th percentile for weight) to being perfectly average (50th / 50th)! Which is good because the baby-sized hamster wheel we’ve been making him run in all night was really not going with decor of the living room. He also only […]

the quarterly report : month 9

Dear Harrison, Happy .75 birthday! This is a biggie. 9 months! You have now been moving around on this earth for about the same amount of time OUTSIDE, with all of us air-breathers, as you were INSIDE my belly. The last nine months seem to have flown by but, at the same time because so […]

baby’s first pho

My very favorite food, as I’ve mentioned many times previously, is PHO – more specifically, Pho Tai (rare steak). I add all the basil I can, squeeze of lime, two servings of bean sprouts because Marc doesn’t care for them, Sriracha and chili paste to the the magical beef broth. The adding of condiments is […]

my favorite part of the day

I’ll just be sitting in the office, minding my own business when a little hell-on-wheels will tear into the office with a smile as big as the list of things I have to do. But, there is nothing on that list that can keep me from jumping out of my chair onto the floor to […]