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looking back again

It was after both sets of grandparents left – about week 3.5 – when we had to ask what on earth were we supposed to be doing with this kid? While the grandparents were here it was easy: pass child back and forth between each perma-smile-wearing-grandparent while Marc and I try to get our brains […]


You wouldn’t know that these two were born only five days apart. Finn is a freaking giant compared to Harrison! Listening: Ladyhawke

if you’re happy and you know it

Friday evening we hired our nanny to babysit the kid. We went out to a fabulous dinner with our friends Kris and Ashley. It was a much needed escape back into the adult world…we were shocked to calculate that it had been 3 months since we last left the house without the child. Yes, that […]

growing up

Where oh where did the last 8 months go… I think that once you start wearing ball-caps you are a no longer a baby – you are officially a little boy. Thanks for the hat Jen! Listening: Andrew Bird (the new album!)


a bunch of new photos! Listening: Decemberists

mixed emotions

Not sure about new car seat. But, LOVES the box it came in. Listening: Decemberists


The tiniest glimmer of the kid’s first pearly-white is poking through his lower gums! This is reason to celebrate, which must be why he decided that he no longer wants to sleep at night. Listening: Handsome Furs


GET A HAIRCUT ALREADY! What is wrong with that boy’s parents!? Listening: Blue Giant


John and Kara posted this photo of Harrison, Marc and their new-ish baby Dylan taken when we were in SF over the holidays. Three handsome boys, three sets of dimples, three total charmers. Can you say T R O U B L E ? Listening: Fleet Foxes

ridiculously happy baby

Ridiculously lucky parents. Listening: Coeur de Pirate