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merry germ-infested cliche

We took the kid to the mall (gasp!) on Christmas Eve (yikes!) in Bakersfield (ugh!) to get his photo taken with the jolly, red-suited, fat-guy. We luckily timed it perfectly – got there a short while before Santa arrived – the whole experience only took about 40 minutes. 40 minutes was, however, long enough for […]

we have progress!

It only took five phone calls, one angry email and the threat of calling the BBB. Turns out our contractor had eye surgery and was blind for four days. Oops…maybe I was a bit harsh in my email. There is still no excuse for leaving a job half-done with a pile of wood and trash […]


Baby’s first bubble bath. I’m not sure that you can tell from this photo, but, he has totally outgrown the sink+babyseat situation we’ve got going. His feet sit on the countertop or his knees rest halfway up to this chest. But, we are hanging on to the delusion that he is still an infant, at […]


For being as important as I say it is, I certainly don’t treat my morning coffee with much respect. I drink about half a cup at the optimal temperature (blisteringly hot) and regrettably let the second half cool to a foul, tepid excuse for a beverage at which point it is impossible to simply refill […]

hi y’all

uh… yeah. The kid can stand from a sitting position with a little help from something to grab onto. Luckily he can’t sit-up from a recumbent position just yet, but, as soon as he can it’s all over. I don’t know if a mere mortal-baby-crib can hold him. It is shocking how a face THAT […]


Marc, me and the boy just had a giggling fit. It was like hanging with a REAL LIVE little kid! All I had to do was dance around yelling “poop and pee, poop and pee” in a high pitched voice and it would make him squeal and giggle. Dignity = 0. Joy = 100. And […]

a letter to the kid : months 6 & 7

Dear Harrison, Son, I’m sorry – this is the first of what is sure to be many of apologies for missed deadlines with you. And I could beat myself up for it, but, I’m not going to. I started writing a letter to you at six months, but, honestly I had a hard time keeping […]

too much of a good thing

Poor little guy… just can’t hold his tequila. I told the nanny that the boys could SHARE a margarita. Finn apparently insisted he get his own. Those boys are going to have to learn to share or spend the rest of their formative years passed out in their toys. Seriously, though, I will not be […]

Enough with the carrots already – lady! BRING ME A STEAK!

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marfa sessions 2

Albert and Tari also took some great family shots… I know they aren’t Olan Mills quality, but, they’ll do. Listening: The Felice Brothers