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almost there

written from Marc’s iPhone while driving – not posted until now, because shortly after finishing I lost the connection – when you get to the string of towns that Marfa is a part of (towns like Valentine, population 217) apparently connectivity is not a priority. So, we made it to El Paso, despite being late […]

off to Marfa

We are embarking on our first real travel experience with the kid this morning. Flying to El Paso, renting a car and driving 3 1/2 hours to Marfa for the weekend with Albert & Tari at this great house that Tari found. Then on Monday we drive back to El Paso and fly to Sacramento […]


Given the state of the economy, I recently asked my dad if it might be time to invest in the stock market – take a risk, buy up some cheap stocks and ride the Obama-fueled boom right into retirement. My dad’s thoughts were more along the lines of “you’re dreamin’!”. So, Marc and I decided, […]


Apart from being totally slammed at work with some really great projects, we are planning to get away a bit early for Thanksgiving. We are headed to Marfa, TX this weekend – where the uber-hipsters go to be all arty and stuff – to meet up with our soon-to-be-famous-photographer friends because they are traveling 2,000 […]

go figure

This is my new favorite photo of me and the boy. I love that the photo was taken on November 1 and that we are both dressed like it’s August. I love the natural light that creates soft shadows to frame our faces. I love the adoring look we are both shooting off frame – […]


This one has been amusing me for a while now. Every once in a while when I look at my son I see Brendan Gleeson. Have a look for yourself. I don’t know if it’s the overly-large, round head or the thinning hair…but like I said, every once in a while – Brendan Gleeson. Listening: […]

happy birthday mom

It occurred to me that a letter similar to the one I wrote my dad for his birthday might have been expected by my mom whose birthday it is today. Then I realized that I opened up a big fat can of worms with that letter, as Marc’s parents should each get a letter as […]


We had Stephanie & Chris over for dinner last night and I served – gasp – take-out food! I also didn’t clean the house but, more importantly didn’t care. I see this as a great step forward in my journey to enlightenment – live without stress and enjoy the moment. Listening: (pop music is […]

you be the judge

A funny coincidence or manifestation from my childhood? My mom sent over a photo of my first Cabbage Patch Kid – oh yes, I had a whole brood. She saw the resemblance on the last trip out here. The doll’s name is Ricky (I guess if I couldn’t date Ricky Schroder then I could pretend […]


When did it become not only OK, but, preferable to go to bed at 9:30pm on a Friday night? Listening: Pink Mountaintops (you gotta love the “Psychedelic/Gospel/Rock”)