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sleep training : night/day 2

Night #2 Summary: crying: 20 minutes (I knew he had a wet diaper – should have checked earlier), changed diaper then left… crying starts all over – 30 minutes more check-ins: just the one – to change the diaper total sleep: 9 hours – eat – 2 hours Nap #1 Summary: crying: 10 minutes (wet […]

sleep training : nap 2

2:30pm: rice cereal 2:45: read a book, check diaper, then nurse 2:55: lay in crib…cry… 3:00: check-in 3:07: silence Summary: crying: 12 minutes check-ins: 1 at 5 minutes total sleep: 1 hour 15 minutes Listening: Listening: Johnny Cash

sleep training : nap 1

Naps were Harrison’s main problem – I could get him to go down by nursing him if I let him fall completely to sleep and then as slowly and carefully as possible slide him into his crib. With anybody else the kid would protest for 10 or 20 minutes even. Especially with the nanny who […]

sleep training : night 1

5 1/2 months was long enough to go on coddling our little angel – time to buck-up and become a man. Time to sleep on your own, without the help of your mommy! Much to the dismay of both grandmas – we decided it was time. So, I sent Marc out to get a book, […]

no post today…

Because I am too busy picking myself up off the floor after my head exploded earlier today… The kid SLEEPS… ON HIS OWN! More info on sleep training later. After my brain rearranges itself and my view of the world comes back into focus through the newly rose-colored glasses of a mom whose son sleeps… […]

halloween countdown : 2

Listening: Fleet Foxes (this is for you Shauna!)

halloween count down : 1

Listening: Miles Kurosky

sick day

The nanny was sick yesterday. Uh… yeah… that totally sucked. It made me realize, even more than I knew before, how astonishingly stupid we were to work full-time and care for the kid for the first four months of his life. Even now, typing this I am amazed that we did it – that we […]

just a couple of softies

Having a nanny share has been pretty great. The nanny is extremely patient and caring…and ambitious. She is determined to get Harrison to roll-back-over (something he’s been having a bit of a struggle with) and to get him to self-sooth to sleep. While these are both excellent goals, they create a fair bit of crying. […]

playing hooky

There is nothing more rejuvenating for Marc and me then a trip to the movies. Even a day-spa massage brings with it a level of expectation that often times is not met. But, with a movie (at the Drafthouse) I find that even with a sub-par cinematic presentation the experience of sitting in a dark […]