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mom, try not to be too jealous

Albert & Tari are coming to visit this weekend! Hooray! While this is great news and means that we are in store for many, many fabulous meals, at least one night of live music, movies (an experiment in how guilty I can feel for leaving the kid with the nanny while NOT working), shopping and […]

blood on the wall

So, the kid is a rocker as witnessed by his affinity for post-punk and its sleep-inducing capabilities. I wouldn’t have even claimed such a thing, had my parents not seen the results of blasting Blood On The Wall in the car over an over-tired baby’s screams. This summer after a housewarming party about an hour […]


Having a nanny is supposed to give me more time devoted to work so that my evenings can be devoted to my husband and son. Why is it then, that the day is gone, I have yet to post until now, and I am surviving on coffee, water and energy cookies because I worked until […]

drugs are good

Holy F@#^ing S#!^! (I’m sorry dad, but, this epiphany deserves some expletives.) Fenugreek! and the heavens smiled, birds sang and babies slept soundly with full bellies. Why on earth did it take me four months to add this almighty new drug to my post-pregnancy regimen? How is it possible that for four months I have […]

Rob Zombie’s next movie

It’s quiet in our house right now… this leads me to believe that the nanny has successfully put the boy down for a nap OR she has duct-tapped our son’s mouth shut, locked him in a closet and taken the other child from the nanny-share away from our house of screaming fussiness. The other child […]


The nanny started yesterday, and because there is too much to write – to many emotions to wrap my tiny little brain around about how great, scary, difficult it is to hand your son over to another person to care for while you are just in another room – I will post this: Two boys, […]

stay back ladies…he’s mine

It is a well known fact that I married Marc for his looks – and boy is he looking good these days! Marc is a superstar dad, as I have previously mentioned, and as his reward is that he gets to go to Fantstic Fest and that his complaining wife will not be joining him […]

things i can learn from a 23 year-old nanny

The nanny starts at our house tomorrow. We are doing a nanny-share with another family that has a son only a few days older than Harrison. She started with the other family last week. Tomorrow is her first day here. When I think about her starting to care for our son part of me feels […]

a letter to the kid: month 4

Dear Harrison, I really don’t want to jinx this, but, you are an AWESOME baby! This month you solidified your place in the all-pro baby hall of fame for sleeping, eating, cooing and giggling. Quite an accomplishment for one so small. The credit for the sleeping-through-the-night-since-you-were-six-weeks-old (technically, “through the night” for a six week old […]

the water’s fine

The boy went swimming for the first time! I thought he might freak a bit – especially because Marc, in his “oh, he’s a boy – you don’t have to baby him” parenting-style, just grabbed the kid and pulled him in the water (only up to his neck – although Marc did ask is he […]