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dreaming of cheeseburgers

The kid doubled his birth weight a week ago – at 2 1/2 months – which I believe was a little early comparatively. He has averaged a 1.5 ounce weight gain per day – according to the internet, babies will gain .5 – 1 ounce per day for the first six months. He only eats […]


I never realized how happy it would make me to witness the love between my husband and another human being. But, seeing Marc with our son fills me with more joy than when we finally made it to Indonesia on our honeymoon. It took a soot-covered ferry ride from Bali to Lombok followed by a […]

working mom part 3

I’m on deadline… so, I have nothing to say to you internet. But, I’ve uploaded some new photos: Listening: Miles Kurosky

what’s worse?

Staying at your friends’ house in San Francisco and forcing them to sleep on an air mattress in their living room because you’re sleeping in their bed downstairs next to the nursery that is unused OR doing all of that to a 39-week pregnant woman!? Marc and I are headed straight to HELL. And not […]

baby-blob be-gone

Now, that we are settled into the third month we are treated to daily stints of non-baby-blobness. These stretches keep growing until, hopefully in a few weeks, we will have ourselves an honest to goodness little human. Here’s a peak at a few of the many faces of the kid: Listening: Johnny Cash


We’re staying with my parents – a great chance for them to get to know the kid and for us to live rent-free within 2 hours of San Francisco and Tahoe. They live about 5 minutes from Highway 80, not that you would know it from the looks of some of their neighbors: A fox […]

super cute

Kara has been outdoing herself with gifts for the kid. I think because of the lack of knowledge around the sex of the sequel she is finding herself not able to buy anything but unisex clothes. This situation, albeit short-lived (she’s due any day now), is working out quite well for our little man. Not […]


How cute is this!? Listening:  Paul Westerberg (his new album “49.00″ – own the album now, for the low low price of 49 cents!)

Great Grandpa

This is Harrison’s Great Grandpa. G-Paw or just straight-up Paw to Marc. Which makes him Great G-Paw now. For somebody who never really knew either of her Grandpas – the fact that Harrison gets to meet his Great Grandpa is really awesome. There really is no doubt that Harrison is a Blase man. We met […]

OK Grammy… here’s your 2-month old photo

Marc’s mom called asking for a photo of her grandson on his 2-month birthday. Marc sent her this: I know that it is “politically incorrect” to let your child get drunk. But, come on…it was his 2-month birthday, we were on vacation in Tahoe and it was really good tequila. Marc is so pleased with […]