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1 weekend – 2 restaurants

Hallelujah! We have left the house with a baby, gone into a dining establishment, purchased food, eaten said food inconspicuously enough that we will be able to return – TWICE in one weekend! I am pleased to record that the kid experienced his first dim sum as well as his second Mexican dinner outside of […]

moment to moment

The kid is changing every day in seemingly very small ways, yet, when you really stop to think about it in about a week he has gone from not being able to lay without being held to parking it under his new Chinese-Plastic-Rainforest for 15 minutes at a time. He can sit under there coo, […]

and I’ll have a glass of the rose with that…

There is a debate – well, can you call a bunch of internet chatter a debate? – about wine drinking during pregnancy and breastfeeding. There are the close-minded-know-it-all-old-school-folks and then there are people who I choose to listen to. During the second and third trimesters of Harrison’s life in-womb I enjoyed probably a glass of […]


2 month check-up – 2 weeks early – 5 shots – 1 perfect baby. He rocked his appointment today. He cried for about 7 seconds after the nurse stuck him with 5, did I mention that there were FIVE?, shots and then chilled out with a pacifier. The pacifier is not a necessity for him, […]


11am on Sunday and I remember that we wanted to get our OB a present for taking such good care of us over the past ten months. But, we are without a car due to the rear-ending prior to the kid’s birth, so, I offer beg to ride my bike downtown to buy her a […]

what’s worse?

That I just sucked an enormous (enormous for any human let alone a baby) amount of snot out of my kid’s nose (with a squeeze-syringe) or that I just typed the word “snot” on our blog? Listening: Snowden (One of the best shows I’ve ever seen. And not just because I got to watch an […]


So, this whole baby-raising thing… everybody said it would be the most difficult thing you’ll ever do. Bull$#!^. When I hear the word difficult I see it as a challenge – a dare. You think it’s difficult? Well, I’ll show you! We started our business on credit cards. In a couple years we had acquired […]

split personalities

I’m sure this isn’t new or odd to other parents, but, are you kidding me with the insanity of the month-old-baby-brain? The kid is nuts. Certifiable. Listening: South San Gabriel

5 minutes after

We decided that since we had made it a month with the kid that we should invite some people over who also have a month-old-monster so that we can drink champagne and celebrate. Our new friends Kourtney & Patrick have a cute little boy – Harrison’s first friend! – Finn (Thomas Finnegan) born five days […]

what’s worse?

That all of a sudden I know (have remembered?) all the lyrics to the Winnie The Pooh song, or that I woke up singing it in my head. This must be my bottom. It can only get better from here. Listening: Fleet Foxes