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healthy eater

The kid’s two week check-up yesterday went well. He gained 1 pound, 7 ounces in twelve days. That takes him to 8lbs-8oz – from 7lbs-1 oz (his 5-day-old weight). This is another indication that he is indeed ours – the kid likes to eat! We got assurance from the lactation consultant that vegetables do not […]


Marc got to feed the kid! I will be officially handing over the reins once or twice a day to the man of the house. Thanks to science and technology, now, sitting next to me at my desk in a discreet black backpack is a motor with tubes attached to it, which get attached to […]

monitoring my sanity

It’s Sunday afternoon and I just climbed Mt. Everest. Barefoot. It was intense, terrifying and ultimately incredibly rewarding… yep, the fussing baby was soothed, by me, into a nap, in his crib, all alone in his big scary room, currently attended to only by his monitor. Up until two days ago there was really no […]


I have a new found appreciation for and pride in doing the household chores. I am putting dishes away right after I use them, making the bed every morning and laundry – oh the sweet smell of laundry – the folding, the putting away – so lovely. This is not normal for me. I hate […]

saturday night – woohoo!

The three of us were up late last Saturday night – you know – drinking and listening to loud rock n’ roll music. (This was all Harrison’s idea, mind you – Marc and I thought we should just relax, open a nice bottle of pinot noir, but, nooo he had to bring out the tequila […]

grandparents: part 1

My parents are coming to town tonight. They are staying for a week. And while my dad is fretting about what on earth he is going to do while he’s here, because he can’t imagine staring at an infant for seven days, I think he may find himself surprised…time has a way of flying by […]

the first act of desperation

For the first 9 days Harrison was eating, like clockwork, every three hours. Snuggling for a while with us and then sleeping like a drunk fraternity boy. Marc and I obviously congratulated ourselves on bringing the perfect child into the world. But, as my mother so rudely predicted – “Just give him a few days […]

an awesome moment

Harrison is sleeping in his bouncy chair on the dining room table. Marc is cooking dinner – fried rice (my request – yum) – and singing at the top of his lungs to his son – a made-up song that includes some of Harrison’s nicknames and the fact that he is “#1 – woo!”. My […]

what’s worse?

That I just want to lick Harrison’s little head. Or that Marc actually did and I allowed it. Listening: Beulah

first night home

FADE TO: INTERIOR – HOME IN TRAVIS HEIGHTS, AUSTIN, TX – NIGHT Young couple settling back into their home after giving birth to their first child – a son. The wife puts the baby into the cradle and gets herself into bed. The husband is not yet in bed – he turns off a light […]