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happy sunday!

We were awake at 6:30 AM this Sunday. An insane lightning/hail storm threatened to destroy our house and did just that to our plants – they all have holes and tears and the deck is pock-marked. There was a three foot river of water, ice, leaves and branches running down our street – I was […]


My Friday started out with mild cramps, contractions, nausea, back ache and an eerie calmness… We had a doctors appointment, so, I took it easy for the morning and then headed to see a doctor who is not ours – she was out for the day. This doc was hilarious – uncomfortably so… I was […]

teddy monster

Oh my, it is good to know and especially be related to creative people who make things for you! Kylie is visiting for a couple of days and brought with her the cutest teddy monster stuffed animal ever – that she and my mom MADE, by hand, by themselves, without a pattern. Kylie based the […]

thank goodness

Finally somebody has written a children’s book with some real substance. True wisdom and knowledge that we can pass on to the next generation. A book that will solve problems, enhance communication between parent and child and may even change lives: The book, written by a plastic surgeon, “seeks to answer the insistent questions posed […]

domestic bliss

Scene: Crawfish Boil, Saturday night Guy: “So, how far along are you?” He asks without an introduction, much less a salutation. Me: “Oh, umm… we’ve got about 2 weeks to go.” Guy: “You are kidding me! My wife has four weeks to go and she refused to come tonight. She says she’s tired. I’m going […]

big girl at a boil

Over a month ago we had dinner with some new, super-foodie-friends met by Marc at the Whole Hog class and at the time they mentioned their famous crawfish boil and that this year it was at the end of April and we had to be there. This invitation was extended over an evening of really […]

still XL

The belly photo is updated. Not a big change… in fact, as of Friday, I lost a pound. I never thought loosing weight would be a concern… but, it is. I’ve also found myself pointing out other pregnant women and asking Marc: “Am I as big as her?”. This is a tough situation for a […]


Me: “Can I wear one of your T-shirts to bed?” “A really soft one.” Marc: “Yeah – that’s a good one. Oh wait, I have two of those a large & extra large. Yep – that’s the one — the XL.” It is sad day indeed when you can no longer fit into LARGE menswear. […]

dwindling hormones?

We walked downtown last night (4 miles total – congratulations joints – you are still holding up even with the 30 pound mass that has accumulated around our middle) to see Smart People – we are determined to see all decent movies that come to the Alamo Ritz or South Lamar before the little monster […]