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With 5 weeks to go, I am nesting slightly more, sleeping a lot more (albeit uncomfortably – last night I upped my pillow count to 4 – with varying degrees of fluff, each with their own specific position surrounding my upper torso), and tearing up at the oddest times. The latest induction of watery eyes […]

shopping spree

After my sister and mom came out to help with the kid’s room we pretty much slacked on doing/buying anything else and his room turned into a giant storage closet/guest room for Chuck. But, we finally made a bit more progress. We ordered some bits and pieces from the mighty interwebs, Marc and Bryan put […]

let the documentation commence

Thanks to a very generous wedding present ages ago, we had a beautiful Cannon EOS with a lens that works with the new digital body we got. It’s the Cannon 40D. I have no patience for instruction manuals, so, it falls upon Marc to learn about all the new gadgets that find their way into […]

hung over

Yesterday the kid didn’t move much. I had a pretty busy day – a lot of meetings, in and out of the office, but, I assumed that when I got home and relaxed that he would wake up, move around and let us know that it was all good. But, while he did finally pass […]

among other things…

I ate half a watermelon yesterday. Listening:  Neutral Milk Hotel (still beautiful after 10 years)

I want to say one word to you. Just one word… Plastics.

That guy probably died from ball cancer. In doing all the research like a responsible-parent-to-be I have discovered that plastic can basically kill you. Mind you that it’s not all plastics and they don’t exactly put you in a stranglehold and slowly asphyxiate you. I am talking about BPA and other such ingredients put in […]


“The Belly” is updated. Last week I was up 25 pounds with 7 weeks to go. At this rate we’re looking at 14-16 more pounds until the end. In case you can’t do the math because the numbers are just so high, it’s about 40 pounds. That’s gotta be, like, a first-grader! Listening: Okkervil River

another $.02 about pitocin

I don’t want to get too into this, as I’m still doing research, however, 20 years ago Roberto Caldreyo-Barcia, MD, former president of the International Federation of Obstetricians and Gynecologists made the statement that “Pitocin is the most abused drug in the world today.” He claimed its use was medically necessary in only about 3% […]

since we don’t have any cute kid stories of our own yet…

My sister is getting married this summer and she just asked our cousin’s daughter to be flower girl. Apparently the gorgeously charming little firecracker is now constantly walking around the house with the save the date card in hand. I’d say she’s pretty excited. She is also turning out to be quite helpful in terms […]

back to reality

I am still recovering from having a house-full of beer-soaked boys staying in our house, but, SXSW is indeed over. I am entirely grateful to Chuck and Bryan for coming out so that Marc didn’t have to endure the rigors of the festival alone. I knew I wouldn’t be up for the Playboy parties, but, […]