Friends in high places

So, the kid is already connected.

My life coach, the woman who after a year of coaching finally gave us the go-ahead* to procreate, will be on an episode of Oprah today. It was one of her life goals – to be on Oprah after she finished her first book. Well, she finished her first book a week ago and she was flown out to Chicago on Monday. She introduced us to the laws of attraction (yes, The Secret – as cliche as it has become, we have found a lot of success in its practices) – Meadow is a living example of this stuff. I cant wait to see her on Oprah! It airs today. Click here and here for a little preview of her.

* Meadow DeVor worked with me for a year on life/work vision, balance, and goals; living in the moment; elimination of stress and negative thoughts; and laws of attraction – all from a practical and spiritual perspective. She is a genius to work with and an incredible human being to know. I went to her, originally, to do practical coaching work around organizing my work/life balance – specifically how to add a kid into the mix. After a few sessions it was apparent to both of us, that Marc’s and my life, and even more specifically – my state of mind – was not ready for the addition of a kid. After a year of intensive, gut-wrenching, hilarious and inspiring coaching sessions that lead to a life-changing state of mind she told us to “have a kid already!”

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