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marc is white

The weeks leading up to SXSW are filled with anticipation and excitement not felt in my husband, I would imagine, since he was a child waiting on the fat guy dressed in red. There will be a few thousand sample songs that need listening; day parties that need RSVPing to; and spreadsheets – there will […]

breakfast of champions

me: you shouldn’t eat that. it’s going to make you feel sick. marc: chew. swallow. smile. me: i’m telling you. those cookies are evil. marc: you’re evil. me: seriously, i think it’s the oatmeal. it expands in your stomach. marc: … i don’t feel so good. marc: i’m not eating cookies for breakfast tomorrow. me: […]

santa’s little helper

We pass Christ’s Workshop every time we walk down to South Congress. I just feel blessed to live so close to Jesus. It’s also good to know that he is working so hard in there to keep all the little children happy. I wonder when Santa comes by to pick up all the toys? Listening: […]


You can all breath a sigh of relief. Marc got his SXSW wristband. I know you were as stressed as he was. Past years of wristband acquirement have included us dropping everything on one of the last Thursdays in February, racing down to Waterloo Records, standing with hundreds of other music freaks who spend the […]

67 more days of sweets

I think I may have found my answer to how to find 10 weeks (well, only 67 days as of today) of sweet indulgences to fill the last days of pregnancy – (c) all rights reserved chockylit Uh huh – a blog about cupcakes. Cupcakes are perfect little sweet treasures when they are normal […]

10 weeks to go

It happened. I just realized, this morning, that we are almost done with this pregnancy thing. I have been counting down in months – we had 2 1/2 to go last Monday and that feels like a long time, but really, as of tomorrow we’ve only got 10 weeks left. 10 weeks!? That’s 10 (hopefully, […]

belly update

Belly photo updated. Listening: Andrew Bird

a few of my favorite things

This is my favorite drink of the moment – Dry Soda. I don’t drink regular sodas and only have a bit of OJ in the morning – and anybody who thinks you can drink water-only with dinner has either spent too much time in prison, or would do well there. Dim Sum – one of […]

baby care class

6:10pm Let me just check my email one more time before we head out. $#!^, the class started at 6 not 6:30! Not only did we sign up late, but, we’re going to BE late. LAME LAME LAME. 6:25pm A room full of “good parents” turn. Their collective eyes scream LOSERS! 7:00pm We settled in […]

pregnancy myth debunking #1

Pregnancy “GLOW” uh huh…sure. Never really noticed it, I figured it was because I’ve been pregnant in winter and I haven’t gotten any sun to turn that gorgeous glow on. But, I am now officially glowing! In the last week it just got turned on! “The main external effect on women of the increased levels […]