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congrats to the Videgains!

I have been anticipating a chaos filled house with our son coming – but, I really should shut my mouth… our friends Val & Erin just found out that they are expecting twin boys… twice the… freaking everything. They are two of the most fun people we know – so, it is a guarantee that […]


Tari you are so in trouble… While we have been taking the advice of other little hellraiser parents and getting a lot of rest and couch time together – Marc and I finally listened to Tari and watched Entourage. We started last week and are already almost finished with season 3. This is an absurd […]

ahh – lovely January

Just as we were getting a little cabin fever from a two week stretch of cold rainy weather we got a gorgeous sunny, 70 degree weekend. Tim and Abby stopped by Austin Friday night on their drive from Dallas to Truckee in their new car studio apartment on wheels. We had a great time with […]

belly update

26 weeks and it shows. Listening: Vampire Weekend

be warned

Marc and I got to see a slightly advanced screening of the movie Teeth last night. It is a coming of age/feminine-power movie marketed as a horror flick but, more specifically, it is a cautionary tale to all straight men of the world. It was filmed in Austin which is cool, and there are a […]

is it summer yet?

Recipe for fish tacos in January: Snapper Skillet Sweatshirt (I can’t believe I even went outside to take this photo – I have on two sweatshirts, jeans, wool socks and boots inside!) Outdoor Grill (because even though I’m past morning sickness – there was no way he was making fish in the house!) Listening: Black […]


A huge congrats to John and Kara as they bravely embark on #2! We wish them the best. Listening:  Built to Spill

nesting: part 1

Goals before the kid comes (just a few minor items): 1. Office to become office/guest bedroom: To be ready before Friday for Tim and Abby’s overnight visit. Entails building of smaller desks, installation of shelving, selling of Eames desks – any takers? selling of printer, and throwing away a dumpster-full of crap that never should […]


Here’s hoping our kid likes me more than our cat apparently does. This beautiful mug shot is courtesy of Jack, our 22 pound orange tabby, that decided he didn’t want to be held anymore. What a way to start your Sunday. Listening: Franz Ferdinand


As tempting as Albert makes it sound, I’m not sure that we can actually put Roscoe on his birth certificate. However, Albert, if you can get 1,000 signatures – we’ll consider it. Kara has also provided us with some great suggestions – baby name creation tip #1 scan Dwell magazine for architects, artist, etc… a […]