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no touchy

A note to the people of the world: Just because I am pregnant does not make it OK to touch me. Now, I’m not a total freak – a pat on the back, a loving squeeze of the arm, a nice hug – acceptable… but, why on earth, just because you have a growth in […]


Marc and I tried to establish some order to the pre-baby buying frenzy that was sure to take place otherwise. So, family was instructed not to purchase items for the unborn child until further notice. This was because we didn’t yet know the sex, we have pretty specific ideas of the kind of crap we’d […]

status : 19 weeks 5 days

The kid, or should I say the boy (since there is clearly no mistaking it), is doing great. We had the sweetest southern-belle-of-a-nurse do the ultrasound yesterday. When you read the conversation between us & her below – make sure to put on a nice southern drawl. It really is amazing, though, to think that […]

pink or blue : part II

“Do y’all want to find out the sex today if we can?” “Yes we do.” … “Well, he’s not shy at all, is he?” “Wow, really? Just like that – huh?” “Yes, that’s his lil’ trouble maker right there.” Listening: The Heartless Bastards

pink or blue

We’re headed to the doctor later today for our 20 week check-up (halfway there – unbelievable), where we will attempt to learn the sex of the baby. This can, apparently, take up to an hour our doctor told us – which I guess is pretty cool that she is willing to hang out with us […]