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Raising Hell

So, I started writing to this thing before I properly thanked the people who made it all possible. And when I say it all – I mean this website, but, also the fact that we are having a child at all. If the OriginalLittleHellRaiser wasn’t so unbearably gorgeous and his parents such an inspiration, I […]


We’re at 16 weeks now and had a check-up yesterday. All is well (we heard the heartbeat and it is “perfect”), except I was scolded for not putting on any weight. This is thanks in part to a stomach bug that floored me last week – saltines and Gatorade for four days straight until two […]

Taking things one step at a time.

I have to remind myself every day that the ONLY thing I need to do is breathe (thanks Meadow). Everything else is choice. Back-up a few months to summer 2007 to find two people about to turn 32, having the last of many conversations about being “ready” to have children. They decide they will never […]